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Speech by General Manager

Canon Innovative Solution (Beijing) Co., Ltd.., was established in 1988. And it evolved into one of the overseas R&D bases of Canon Inc. in 1998, and was originally a joint venture between Canon (China) and Chinese Enterprise/Founder Electronics. It became a Solely Foreign-owned Enterprise100% owned by Canon (China) in 2004 and is developing till now.

Our key businesses: Software R&D that make full use of China's talents and region advantages; Localization that provide language translation-based localization business for Canon products to put on the promising Chinese and Asian market which will have great development in the future.

Our company is located in Zhongguancun, where numerous universities are surrounded, and therefore are honored as the "Silicon Valley" of China. Here, we will promote R&D work in cooperation with universities and research institutes equipped with knowledge, professional skills and R&D capability.

To make the R&D capability such as face recognition and other advanced technology go up higher from now on, with "Kyosei "(Living and working together for the common good) as the principle, Canon Innovative Solution (Beijing) Co., Ltd.. will cultivate elitists and contribute to the scientific & technological development of China through diversified cooperation.

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