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Canon Innovative Solution (Beijing) Co., Ltd.. ("Canon Innovative") and its affiliates respect and undertake to protect your privacy. Canon Innovative provides these "Terms and Conditions of Privacy" in order to make you know our policies and measures of privacy and the available choices of the online collection and methods of use of your information. We construct our website in this way: under normal conditions, you may visit the website of Canon through the internet without disclosing your ID or any personal information. You may obtain this Agreement from the bottom of our homepage and every website of Canon Innovative from time to time.

The applicable websites of these Terms and Conditions of Privacy

These Terms and Conditions of Privacy apply to the websites and domains owned by and our fully-owned affiliates. These Terms and Conditions of Privacy do not apply to the websites of any other country or region of, because they have their own terms and conditions of privacy.

Links to websites not belonged to Canon Innovative

In order to provide convenience and information to you, Canon Innovative may provide links to websites to any third party. If you visit these links, you will go apart from the website of Canon Innovative. Canon Innovative cannot control these websites or their security measures, because these measures may not be the same as those of Canon Innovative. For any website of any third party, we do not make any guarantee or comment. These Terms and Conditions of Privacy of Canon Innovative do not apply to the personal information you choose to provide to any un-related third party. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the related company before the providence of your personal information. Some third party companies may wish to share their personal data with Canon Innovative, and these data will be subject to the privacy policies of such third party company/companies.

Categories of information collected by us

These Terms and Conditions of Privacy apply to the collection of personal information and non-personal data as well as collective reports.

1. Personal information

It refers to the information in relation to your name or identity. Canon Innovative uses personal information in order to learn your needs and interest better and to provide better service to you. Once you choose to provide personal information to us, we can ensure that this information is only to be used to support the customer relationship between you and Canon Innovative. We will take your reliance seriously. Canon Innovative will not sell, contingently rent or rent for a long term your personal information to any other person.

On the website of Canon Innovative, you may order products or services, request information, subscribe marketing or supporting materials, register your identity or your Canon product(s), or apply for a job in Canon. The categories of personal information you provide to us on these websites include the data of your name, address, telephone number, email address, user's ID and password, bills and transaction information, information of credit cards, the first-choice contact method, education and career background and job interest.

If you wish to use any of our website, service or communication personalization services and expect to improve our product(s) and service(s), we will require you to provide related information about you and your career interest, your personal statistics and your experience of using our product(s) or service(s). These categories of detailed information are not required compulsively.

2. Non-personal information

It refers to the data of use and service operation with no relation to any specific personal identity. Canon Innovative evaluates how the visitors use the websites of Canon Innovative through the collection and analysis of non-personal information.

The non-personal information collected by us may include the pages visited on the websites of Canon Innovative, the only URLs visited on, the categories of browsers and IP addresses. The major non-personal data is collected through cookies or (an)other analyzing technique(s).

Privacy of children

Canon Innovative protects the privacy of children resolutely, and meanwhile hopes parents and guardians take active part in and focus on the online activities and interest of children. Canon Innovative will not collect the information of children under 13 deliberately, and the websites of Canon Innovative will not face children under 13.

How we use information in relation to you

The use of your personal information by Canon Innovative is for the purposes of providing services to you and better learning your needs and interest. Specifically speaking, we use your information to help you to perform the transaction(s) or order(s), to communicate with you, to provide service(s) or support(s) to you, to update the service(s) and benefits we provide to you, to personalize the promotion and favor, and to personalize the website(s) of Canon Innovative. Sometimes, we may also use your information to keep in touch with you in order to make marketing survey for Canon product(s) or service(s).

The personal data collected online may be connected with the information provided by you to Canon Innovative through any other channel (such as product registration) or any public affair (such as trade demonstration or symposium).

In order to make data consolidation and storage and to simplify customer information management, the data provided to Canon Innovative may be transmitted across the state (provincial) and national (regional) boarder.

The collection of non-personal information is for the purposes of reporting the rate of utilization, the performance and the efficiency of the websites of Canon Innovative. The information is used to improve the user's experience, the availability and the contents of the websites.

Who will share your information with us

Canon Innovative will not sell, contingently rent or rent for a long term your personal information to any other person. Canon Innovative will not share your personal information with any third party, except for the purposes of responding to the opinion of the product(s) or service(s) from you. When you submit your personal information, we will ask you for consent. Canon Innovative will share the customer information between the enterprise entity it owns and the company(ies) representing our benefits only to the extent of the conditions described above in "how we use your information".

Canon Innovative will conclude contracts with the third party service provider(s) and the supplier(s), in order to completely provide the product(s), service(s) and customers' resolution(s) described in "how we use the information in relation to you". We require that the supplier(s) and service provider(s) shall keep confidential the information received in the name of Canon Innovative, and shall not use such information for any other purpose except for the service(s) executed by them for Canon Innovative. In order to provide better service(s) to customers, these service providers may change to some extension, and we may conclude contracts with more service providers. Except the legally compulsory conducts, summons or the requirements of local laws, Canon Innovative will not share your personal information with any other third party without your consent.

Canon Innovative or the related entities or part of or all of the assets thereof may merger with or be purchased by (an) other commercial entity(ies). In the case of merger or acquisition, if we share part of or all of your personal information in order to continue to provide service(s) to you, Canon Innovative will do the best to give a notice to you.

Your information and the third party company(ies)

Some services of Canon Innovative link to service(s) from a(some) un-related third party company(ies), some in which give the option of sharing by Canon Innovative the personal information you provide with a(some) third party(ies). These examples include the following: to register more than one software products provided by the supplier(s) on one web page of Canon Innovative to request the communication provided by the partner of Canon Innovative marketing or resolution programs, and to perform the order through the distributor(s). Except that you make such decision, we will not share your personal information with these third party companies.

The visit authority limit and accuracy of your information

Canon Innovative will do the best to keep accurate of your personal information. We have assured the accuracy of the customer data through the adoption of applicable techniques, management processes and strategies. We will admit you to visit your personal information, including trying our best to provide online visit, and make you be able to change your information. In order to protect the privacy and security of your information, we will adopt appropriate measures to verify your identity (such as password and user's ID), and grant the authority of visiting your data after the verification. Some fields of the websites of Canon Innovative may limit the visit to specific personal information through user's password and other personal symbols.

The most efficient method to check and modify your personal information is to return to the webpage you submit your data and operate according to the instruction of the webpage.

To assure the security of your information

Canon Innovative undertakes to protect the information you provide to us. In order to prevent the visit of unauthorized visitor(s) and the disclosure of the secrets, to maintain the accuracy of data and to assure the rational use of the information, Canon Innovative has adopted corresponding physical and managerial measures to protect the information we have collected.

The modification of this Agreement

If the "Online Terms and Conditions" of Canon Innovative are updated, we will put such modification on the bulletin, and update the revision date of this document, in order that you can learn what information we collect online and how we use such information and what choices you have from time to time.

Canon Innovative reserves the right of final interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Privacy from time to time.

For the important modification of this Agreement, Canon Innovative will give notice to the affected customers.

Contact us

We appreciate your comments. If you have any comment or inquiry on our privacy policies, please send them to the office of Canon Innovative.

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